to help demystify accounting for small business owners in Australia


In a nutshell:

Mad about animals. Try to remain an optimist but rather sensitive so avoid reading the news. Colour blind. Left handed. Trekkie. Proud to be called a tree hugger! Working towards getting a little bit of land to call our own and embrace being "off the grid"!!


Mum to furbaby Tori (boxer x american bulldog)

Wife to talented actor Wayne Bassett

Ideal weekend:

A nice hike through bushland followed by a lazy lunch. Afternoon nap with Tori. Insert coffee, wine and baked goods at will!

Nerdy Stuff:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Advanced Accounting)

  • currently completing CPA studies

  • Bachelor of Science (not particularly helpful now but there you go!)

  • 20 years experience in accounting & accounting support roles - including over a decade in not for profits, as well as a mixed bag of large and small businesses.

Love love love playing with Excel and learning new formulae and fancy bits and automations.

Enjoy analysing the numbers and hearing their story. There is always information to glean from your numbers if you know what to look for.

I love getting to know what makes a business owner tick, and tweaking their current processes and systems to suit their own style, strengths & weaknesses. 

I also love it when I can change a client's view of their accounts from one of overwhelm or glazed eyes, to that moment of "oh I get it!".Once you join those few dots, it will all start making more sense.