Helping Small Businesses Take Control of their Accounts

I hear you say - "ok we get it, Christine, you're awesome and we need a bit of your fabulousness right now. How the heck do we hire you?"

Well breathe easy, my friend! I am currently available for virtual consulting. Just drop me a line at with some deets on what is troubling you, and I'll tee up a virtual session so we can chat more.​

​If I don't think we're the right fit or I don't have any capacity, I can still point you in the right direction with some tips. Sometimes it's helpful just to have a third party to bounce your ideas off for a quick sanity check!

What can I help with? Pretty much anything that has numbers in it really.

  • accounting software changes

  • process assessments, improvements or implementations

  • monthly reports & summaries of your financial performance

  • quarterly review meetings to discuss KPIs & milestones

  • cashflow forecast setup/review/training

  • bookkeeper training

  • budget setup/review/training

  • costing / profit margin / breakeven analysis

Did you eyes glaze over a little bit then? Not sure if your woes are my jam? Just message me and find out, I won't bite, and I bet you'll feel better about your situation after we chat, regardless of whether we do business together or not.